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"People teach their dogs to sit; it's a trick. I've been sitting my whole life, and a dog has never looked at me as though he thought I was tricky."

-- Mitch Hedberg


Specialty hats and t-shirts by Dog Is Good!


We sell PuppiaUS products!

Featuring Ritefit Harness

Featuring the Ritefit Harness

OxyMed Medicated Shampoo, Treatment and Wipes

Puppia Soft Vest Harness

Puppia Soft Vest Harness

soft vest harness red

Puppia Soft Vest Harness


Flash spray gives extraordinary shine and silky results to all coats. The careful selection of it's components gives a non-greasy, conditioning effect which allows it's use as a softner on a dry coat, giving it a shiny invisible film that prevents tangling and helps bushing.

Ritefit Harness by PuppiaUS

Ritefit Harness by PuppiaUS in multiple colors.

Spa Specialty Shampoos

Spa by Tropiclean

Lupine Collars

Lupine, guaranteed even if chewed!

Mirage Collars

Metallic Two Tier Collar

Sliding Charms

3/8" and 3/4" Letter Charms for Collars

Fresh Breath Products

Specialty water additive to eliminate bad breath!

Lupine Assorted Designs

Lupine Assorted Designs


Lupine Collars

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive


Crystal Bone Metallic Collars

Spa Lavish For Him Shampoo

Spa Lavish For Him Shampoo

For All Dogs or Cats

Below are products we sell and also use in our salon.

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