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"If dogs could talk, it would take a lot of the fun out of owning one."

--Andy Rooney


Services Offered

We offer the following grooming services:


*Breed cuts - finished style to your specification

*FURminator De-Shed Treatment

*Medicated Baths for dry skin, allergies, fungal issues, etc.

*Teeth brushing

*Blueberry Facial to moisturize and help remove tear stains

*Pawdicures that includes soaking their feet and applying a salve to help moisturize dry, cracked pads.

*Nail Dremmeling (nail filing) is an add-on service to the regular nail trim. We will file the nails to be more smooth and it will also make the nails shorter than what can be accomplished with just a regular nail trim.


If you want, a variety of colors of nail pawlish can also be applied!


Full Groom Includes:

* full massage bath

* nail trim

* ear cleaning (hair removal is recommended to be done by your veterinarian)

* anal gland expression

* sanitary clip...aka "toosh trim"

* hair style of your choice

* bandana and fragrance


​Our prices vary by pet breed, weight, size and coat condition, so feel free to call us at (573) 632-4DOG and ask for an estimate for your pet.


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