"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."

-- Bern Williams

Home Care


Many people like to bathe their pets in between their grooming sessions. This is a wonderful way to keep your pet clean, but you must remember that there is a right way and a wrong way to bathe at home. Always remember to brush out your pet's coat BEFORE you bathe him or her. Most people don't realize that this is the number one reason your pet's fur becomes matted. If there are any knots in his or her coat, the water will make them become tighter and tighter until your groomer has no choice but to shave the coat short.


Remember you do have to brush your pet between grooms even if you come every four to six weeks! To keep your pet's coat in good shape, it needs weekly attention if not daily brushing depending on how long you are leaving the coat. Please discuss this with your stylist to find a manageable length to keep the coat should you not have time to brush as frequently as required for your pet.


Summer time is flea and tick season! If we see fleas on your pet we automatically have to treat with Capstar to kill what is on them while they are in our shop to keep them from spreading to other dogs. This treatment will be at your expense so make sure you keep your pet treated prior to coming to see us. This will allow whatever medication you choose time to work. Likewise, for liability purposes, be advised that we do not pull any ticks from your pet. If your pet has ticks, the safest thing you can do is treat with a topical no less than 24 hours before grooming to kill those that are latched on. We encourage you to speak with your Veterinarian for the best medication for your pet.


There are shampoos on the market for fleas and ticks. In our experience, they are good for fleas but terrible for ticks. The benefits of the shampoo only last for as long as the bath. The parasites can still get right back on your pet after. Your money is better spent using either a topical treatment or pill form from your veterinarian to treat safely and effectively.